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August 2020 Club News

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June Long Weekend Ride

by Bruce Burgess

Meeting in the cold. Got the troops together for a bust out of Covid ride, and headed to Baladjie Rock near Bullfinch Saturday night.  Very cold ride for the 8 sidecars & 5 solos.

Took the old goldfields road from York to Carrabin then across to the rock. Lots of other campers but room for everyone.

Set up camp and got the fire going. A bit of rain at 8pm and a cold night.

Packed up in the morning and were heading south to Eagle Rock above Newdegate for Sunday night. Gramps had a broken clutch cable, then Kylie got stuck with a dirty clutch switch, so lost an hour or 2.

Sidecars leading through the mud.Into Southern Cross for fuel and then headed to Hyden.

We stopped to let everyone catch up, Norm pulled up and asked “Who’s burning diesel ?” All were in denial till we busted Lang with a rather greasy exhaust! 

Topped up his tank and 2 jerry cans, LOL. It took another hour to sort out, so only made it past Karlgarin to camp in the bush.

Very easy to start the fire with 30 litres of diesel. 

Another cold night with some entertaining fireworks, then up to a very misty morning.

Took the sideroads to Corrigin and came across a very muddy farm road that had most bikes stuck in greasy mud.

Made it home to try and wash said mud off bikes. Another successful weekend camp and ride with great mates. Kylie just wishes more women would join in.  Cheers, Bruce

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