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August 2020 Club News

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The Day The Backup Broke Down

by Trudy

Everyone was enjoying a cuppa at Narrikup when all the phones seem to ring at once. It was Ian Grant. “Help! I’ve broken down.” There’s a funny noise and it doesn’t sound good.”

Ian with the offending car and snap strap.
Chester went to the rescue and headed  home to get  his ute and he roped me in to pull the trailer. Then it was back to Millbrook Rd where Ian lay in wait for help to arrive.

Ready to head home.
The boys used the handy snap strap to connect the vehicles and I hitched up the trailer and then headed home.
Hitching the trailer.

So there was no back-up for the ride. Chester called Kim and said “Give me a call if someone needs a hand.” and then proceeded to tow Ian home.
Luckily for Ian the damage was not as bad as he first thought.

For those of you who are mechanically-minded, the problem was that an exhaust valve guide backed itself out of the head and held the valve open. The piston then kissed the valve. A problem they have never seen before!

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