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August 2020 Club News

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Narrikup Mt Barker Hill Ride 12th July 2020

by Antoinet

Kim explaining the day’s plan.
Ronnie and I haven't been on many (club) rides since traveling 30,000 km around Australia in 2017.
I kind of had enough of riding for a while and we were building our new home, so not much time to do anything else.

It was great to be back on the bike again and a lot of people must have had the same idea. About 21 bikes turned up at the info bay. The weather was beautiful after a frosty start of the day.

Ian Grant was doing back-up duties and we all set off after Kim had explained the route for today.
Millbrook road had still quite a few kilometres of gravel and I took it easy on my new bike. Garry T has named my bike Bitza.

Antoinet's new bike.
I didn't want to scratch the beautiful new paintwork. Ronnie took off like a rocket on his new creation. I don't even know what it is: a BMW/Suzuki, also a bits and pieces bike. He even took my back wheel out of my bike and lets me ride around with a spoke wheel and a cast wheel. Never mind.

Smoke-O at Narrikup.
The ride was good and we stopped for smoko in Narrikup. It was great to see Ron Allen on the ride too.
Andrew, Ronnie, Keith, Barry and Ian.
We all chatted while drinking our cuppa's and suddenly Kim, Chester and Joe received messages from our back-up man Ian. Ian's car had broken down on Millbrook road!

Mt Barker tower.Chester offered to head back and help Ian out. Chester told us to ring him if anyone needed the trailer and he would head out to collect whoever needed it.

We later heard Trudy had pulled the club trailer back home and we hope there are not too many expensive problems with Ian's car.

After finishing our cuppa's we travelled along Spencer Road and Denbarker Road to Mt Barker.

Some people stopped at the bakery for a yummy pie and headed up to the hill after.

We all gathered up there for our lunch and enjoyed catching up with club members we hadn't seen for a while.

It was pretty windy but the sky was blue and the views amazing, what a beautiful part of the world. 

I think most people headed back home along the Albany Highway but Ronnie and I stuck to the original plan. We rode back home via the Porongurups, one of my favourite roads in the south west.

I just love riding about 90 km per hour and taking in the views of the Porongurups on one side and the Stirlings on the other side.

Arthur and Joe.
Great day, great ride, great company.

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