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August 2020 Club News

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Porongurups Ride - Take 2 Sunday 14th June

by Chester Powell

Gathering at the start point.
The weather was a bit suss, with a bit of Irish mist and the odd scud before 10am. I think this might have put a few riders off. But even so, 12 riders turned up at Mercer Road including David and Richard from Denmark. Most people were dressed in their wet weather gear, just in case, but fortunately it wasn’t needed. We didn’t get a drop!

We had to adjust the ride from the original plan when we were advised by Tony C. that Millbrook Road was a mess with all the roadworks in progress. So we followed the path of the previous ride to the Porongurups a month ago.- Norwood Road ›› Lower King Road  ›› Hunton Road  ›› Baker’s Junction for morning tea.

At Castle Rock carpark.
It was then decided to go straight to Castle Rock. David & Richard kept going to Mt Barker where they were meeting a few riders from Perth. Castle Rock car park was full up with visitors who were coming out of hibernation from the Covid lockdown. 

We took over a gazebo with barbecue facilities. We had to get the fire lighter out of the trailer to start the BBQ as the auto start was stuffed. Garry said he had just been to Esperance and he had camped in several National Parks and most of the BBQ’s were not working there either.

Chester firing up the BBQ.
I was the only one with a need to cook. A meagre lunch of one sausage and some onions. The rest had wisely brought sandwiches. It took at least 20 minutes to cook the sausage after we had worked out how to turn the gas up.

Steve and new friend.
A hungry looking dog turned up - must have smelled the sausage. On investigation, Steve saw a name tag with phone number so we contacted the owner who lived close by. While this was happening, people started to pack up to head home.

It was good to see Max H. on the ride. It has been quite a while. He’d had to jump-start his BM at Mercer Road and Baker’s Junction. I heard it started at Castle rock or did he take advantage of the hill. Thanks to Steve Prescott for doing backup duties – just in case.

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