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August 2020 Club News

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Midweek Ride to Denmark

by Petra Moreth

It started at the usual meeting place, being the info bay on the corner of Chester Pass Road and Mercer Road. It looked like the usual bunch until just before setting off. Seventeen bikes (and their riders) turned up in total. Arthur Barrett was there with his new bike, a Kawasaki Z400. All shiny and bright orange!

The consensus was to head out to the Reminisce Cafe at the Rivermouth Caravan Park in Denmark.  Those looking for a bit of adventure (the hoons) would take the longer route via Spencer Road and Denmark-Mt Barker Road while the rest of us (the sensible ones) took the scenic drive along Lower Denmark Road.

From left to right: Bernie, Geoff, Ruth, Bob, Ruth, Ron and Chester.
I'm not really sure what happened exactly, but only half of us reached out destination. The other half eventuated at the Bakery at the end of Strickland Street in town. Not that I blame them as the food there is to die for in comparison.

Meanwhile, back at the Cafe, the nine of us ordered our afternoon tea comprising of coffee and cake or just coffee while chatting away. The topic of conversation varied widely over the next hour or more before we all realized it was well after three o’clock. So, we all set off home, arriving safe and sound.

It was a great ride as usual.

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