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April 2022 Club News

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Maranup Ford Weekend Ride

by John Mc

Again I had three dirteers (Steve, Andreas and Ronnie) riding with me as we went on the gravel roads through the Denmark and Walpole forests towards Bridgetown and Maranup Ford.
Stopping to strap on a pannier.
On Watershed Road, Steve's bike shed a pannier after he slid out on a gravel corner. Thereafter, he had the wannabe-separated pannier strapped on behind him as a passenger. And a sore knee as a memento. Neither of these things were helpful for the considerable distance we were planning to do in the dirt.
At the Muir Highway intersection.
By the time we arrived at the Muir highway intersection, Steve was feeling sore from his fall. But Andreas noticed that there was a short-cut track ahead of us instead of the way I normally went, so off we went...
Andreas and Ronnie at the Freemason's pub, Bridgetown.
When we arrived at Bridgetown after a little more adventuring, some re-hydration fluid was needed.
Inside the Freemason's Pub.
And a second beer was needed as well, to keep the fluids topped up while discussing the ride.
Adrian at Maranup Ford camp.
We escaped the magnetic draw of the pub and headed to Maranup Ford, where Adrian and other club members had already setup camp in the shady grounds.
Tent erections and discussions at Maranup Ford.
Then it was tent erection time and maybe a few more beers and a lot of discussion with old mates.
Ducati GT750 at Maranup Ford.
Then it was off to see the Perth and other club members parked under the trees or in the camp kitchen. I stopped to admire this Ducati 750 GT. I owned a Ducati back in 1971 when the first models of these were introduced, but mine was the 450 Desmo. After much more hard chatting, it was time for a sleep around midnight after yet another excellent Maranup Ford ride.

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