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April 2022 Club News

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Bluff Knoll - an Off-Road Ride

Pics by John Mc and Steve

Dirt riders at a gravel bend.
I was surprised that four riders wanted to come with me on the dirt back-roads to Bluff Knoll. Garry had a new Honda crossover bike to ride. On the last section of a "No Through Road" there were some sandy sections causing loosening of the steering, and possibly, bowels. After the Porongurups tea-room stop we were down to the three additional dirteers: Zac, Steve and Glenn.
Nice setting to have a tea break.

Enjoying the camaraderie on the gravel near the Stirlings.
We then meandered north of the Porongurups along some nice dry but not too dusty gravel roads, stopping to enjoy the view just south of the Stirling Ranges..
At the Salt River Road turnoff.
After an introduction to the ups and downs and some of the wiggles of dirt-roading, Steve on his recently-purchased BMW R1200GS had become dusty but happy. When we arrived at the bitumen near Bluff Knoll Cafe, we were just in time to see the main road group ride off in the distance back towards Albany. We went up to the Bluff car park and had our prepared lunches regardless. Thanks for the company, guys.

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