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April 2022 Club News

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Kendenup Ride

by Chester

“What - only three riders?!” Steve C., Andrew S., and Chester were on their bikes while Ian and Joe rode shotgun in their car. I think the wet weather the day before the ride put people off.
 Joe, Ian, Steve and Andrew at Mercer Road checking out Andrew’s 1976 BMW R60/6.

Well! Although it was very overcast, we three had a pleasant ride. Between Albany and Narrikup, we had about two spits on the helmet and saw about three small puddles on the road, left over from the day before.

We thought that maybe we might have gathered one or two riders at Narrikup, but it was not to be. It was decided that Ian and Joe should take the club trailer straight to Brendon Flower’s workshop from there.

Brendon is going to fit the new ramp to the trailer as part of the planned improvements that were approved at the last club meeting. A full-width ramp is to be attached to make it safer for loading bikes.

The three of us merry men then made our way to Kendenup via Spencer Road, Muir Highway and Boyanup Road. We had a meagre lunch in the rotunda near the town hall. The shop was shut and we had to share what we had brought with us.

We then made our way back via “Woogy” Road and Chester Pass Road to home. Interestingly we waved to other bike club members who were heading out of town for an afternoon ride. They seemed to be “wolfing” along.

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