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April 2022 Club News

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The Happiest Users of the Roads

by Bernie - article written for the Plantagenet News

At the Albany Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club there’s a group (eight to fifteen) of us “oldies” who love to go on coffee rides. Motorcyclists, officially, are the happiest users of the roads and it comes from how we relate to our bikes; something car drivers just don’t get.
Bernie and mates at Nic's Cafe, Mount Barker. It’s a mixture of experiences! Firstly, we love the feeling of being astride our bikes, becoming “one” with them as we follow, hopefully, winding roads to somewhere pleasant.

Just the open road; you and your bike. No windows to peer through, no climate control, no stereo, no phone, no conversations; just the sounds and pulsing of the motor beneath, reading the road ahead and adjusting your bike’s speed and position to get the maximum fun it offers.

Secondly it’s always more fun to share good times (and sometimes bad times) with others of similar interests. We choose rides to Denmark, Kendenup, Cheynes Beach, Narrikup, Mt. Barker and anywhere in between.

Mt. Barker gets a lot of our presence and you can find (and hear) us on the footpath out the front of Nic’s Café, generating lots of laughter, bikes nearby, enjoying Andrew’s good coffees and food. And yes, Andrew loves riding his motorcycle too, but he has to work for now; and we appreciate it too!

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