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April 2022 Club News

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Cosy Corner Breakfast Ride

by Antoinet

Bikes lined up at Cosy Corner.
It was a lovely morning for the Cosy Corner breakfast ride. Calm and a pleasant temperature. I had left home before Ronnie and at the big roundabout my BMW suddenly stopped.

Ronnie the mechanic under the tank.
Luckily, I could just pull off the road. I waited for my mechanic to arrive, but Colin and Leanne pulled up first. Colin had a look after I told him what had happened. Ronnie arrived not long after.

The tank and seat were removed. Ronnie worked out quite quickly that the fuse contacts were corroded (must be lack of maintenance).

Beverages on the table at Cosy Corner.
Around 23 people turned up at Cosy Corner to cook and eat their breakfast. Always a popular ride and itís a nice catch up. Geoff, Paul and Daniel rode over from Denmark way. Thank you Don for doing back up.

Bob's shiny BMW R75/7.

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