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June 2022 Club News

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Bremer Bay Pub Ride and Campout

by President Kim

Kim showing off his new Honda DN-01, with Chris, Garry and Andrew looking on.The Bremer Bay ride was on the Anzac long weekend. So it was a good time to get away for a few days and catch up with club members for lunch at the resort on Sunday.

I rode out to Bremer with Warwick following in his car with the club trailer. A short stop at Wellstead because Warwick wanted an ice cream. He also got me one as well.

Wes, Barbara, Warwick, Garry, Carol, Trudy and  Kim enjoying a sundowner.
We got to Bremer and checked in at the resort. Very comfortable rooms.  Caught up with Chester, Trudy, Garry, Carol, Wes and Barbara for a BBQ at the caravan park.

Chester and  Warwick by the club trailer.
A great meal and a few beers under the stars. Warwick had forgotten to pack some bread and butter, not to mention the jam into his esky, so he could have some toast on Sunday morning. So he begged Carol for some. He got four slices of bread.

When we got back to the resort on Saturday night we had eight slices and some butter. Because I didn't want him to go hungry, I managed to get some bread and butter from Trudy as well, but no bloody jam. (Warwick’s fault).

Chris and Ron heading home.
Sunday morning Ron Hawkins and Chris Penny joined us all at the Telegraph Cafe for a snack. They had also ridden out on Saturday.  Then after a cuppa and chat we all went on a bit of a tour around Bremer before meeting at the resort for lunch around 12:30pm.

Relaxed lunch at Bremer Bay Pub.
We ended up with eight club members having lunch. I was hoping for a few more to turn up. 

But everyone had a great meal. After lunch Warwick, Ron and Chris headed back to Albany. The rest of us stayed another night. Thank you you all for your hospitality over the weekend. 

Before dawn on Anzac Day.On Anzac Day, Chester and Trudy were up early, before anything moved, to get to the memorial service held overlooking the ocean.

Lovely spot. This was followed by an Anzac cook-up back at the CRC in town. Wes and Barbara did a great job helping to organise this for their community.

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