AVCMC Airhead Ride 2022 - Guy's story of the BMWMCCWA ride

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Bob stops to have a leg stretch.

My riding partner, and brother-in-law, Bob stops to have a leg stretch on the Perup Road. This narrow stretch of road is a favourite of mine, but this time we shared it with a couple of kangaroos - luckily not too close. The airhead ride is aimed at the entirely air-cooled BMW bikes produced from 1923 until 1992. My bike on the right is a 1970 model R75/5 and Bob's is the last of that capacity's run, an R75/7 of 1977.

Arrived at the Nannup Pub.

After a coffee stop in Manjimup and putting on another jumper under the jacket to ward off the cool air, we arrived at the Nannup Pub in time to have a beer and catch-up with the other riders, mostly on older BMW's, just beginning to arrive.

At the Nannup service station.

Down the road at the service station more bikes were refuelling and the riders telling stories about getting from Perth and various other destinations. There were some adventures with mechanical problems with the old ignition systems and an encounter with an an emu.

Inside the Nannup pub.

Inside the pub the conversation ranged over many topics and a involved a few different fluids for quite some time.

Presentation to Andrew.

The Nannup pub gave over its entire dining room to our gathering. At the pub dinner that night, the ride convener, Guy, gave an award for the airhead which had impressed him most at the inaugural ride last year. He had most appropriately made the trophy out of an exhaust pipe retaining ring from an airhead bike.

Unexpected recognition.

Andrew was most impressed with this unexpected recognition of his old BMW.

At the Blackwood Cafe.

Next morning we gathered at the Blackwood Cafe within sight of the pub where most had stayed. This was a lucky proximity, as my bike wouldn't start in the cold air initially, so I had to push it to the cafe, doing what I've heard described as the BMW two-step. As soon as it got parked in the sun, it did start.

One-owner 1972 (I think) R50/5.

Dave was riding his one-owner 1972 (I think) R50/5, surprising some people with its ample performance on the road for a low-capacity bike. Apparently he cheated - it has been over-bored all the way to 600cc.

Chat over coffee and breakfast.

We had another good chat over coffee and breakfast, and prepared to be on our way back to our various homes.

Conversations out among the waiting bikes.

Not without a few more conversations out among the waiting bikes.

Guy was saying his farewells too.

Guy was saying his farewells too.

Pausing just south of Nannup.

Then Bob and I were on the road again, pausing just south of Nannup while I got my earplugs sorted and we enjoyed the morning sun on the rolling hills. The sun stayed on our backs most of the way home.