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June 2022 Club News

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Bob's Busy Bee

by Chester

It had been arranged to hold a busy bee at Bob Rees' home, to unload and stack a load of firewood for this coming winter.
Colourful elves: Colin, Bob and Andrew. About sixteen elves turned up clad in their wet weather gear as the clouds had opened up and it had been raining most of the morning.

Apparently there was no-one at the marina for the monthly foreshore Show and Shine - I wonder why? Bob directing Ronnie and Ian..

Multiple wheelbarrowers ready.
About four or five wheelbarrows went into action and there was a string of ants going back and forwards fetching and carrying and stacking wood.
Trudy and Kim preparing the eats.
After all the activity, Bob put on a sausage sizzle and a few beers for the workers. We all enjoyed a couple of hours of socializing on his well-appointed patio. Bob was very grateful for all the help.

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