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June 2022 Club News

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Frenchman's Bay Breakfast Ride

by Trudy

Ronnie the Hoodie the chef.It was a bit chilly as we set out for breakfast at Frenchman’s Bay. So it was surprising to see quite a few earlybirds heating up the BBQ’s.

Before we started cooking, a representative from the City came along and cleaned the machines. Amazing service- just for us. It was almost a shame to dirty them, but we did.

Ronnie was feeling the cold and used his hoodie as the beanie he left behind.

Antoinet and the other picnicers.
Antoinet was getting excited about her trip back to Holland and enjoyed the fellowship with those present. Chris and Keith cooked up a storm with enough food to feed an army - almost.

A scramble to get on the bikes and go.
It was a very pleasant morning. We all made a dash when we were done, as the rain was on its way.

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