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June 2021 Club News

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Gary Dibble's Mystery Ride

by Chester and Trudy

 Gary Dibble making sure everyone has a pen.About twenty riders turned up at Mercer Road. Many had their partners with them making this a great turnout for this fun event.

Gary gave a briefing on how the ride would be run and then handed out the first instruction sheet and pens to write down the answers. Then it was all heads downs to read the clues that told us the route we were taking.

 This is serious work- trying to solve the clues.
There were a few confused looks and a bit of head scratching as the riders tried to decipher the clues. Eventually a few riders made a move, Daniel taking the lead heading off down Mercer Road.
More deep thought happening.

He reckoned he had it all worked out. The rest followed fairly close after them. The first stop was the Bayonet Head Lookout (not the outlook Daniel!).

After recording the name of the lookout we were off again to the Lower King Hall to find out when it was established. There were a few devious clues and we eventually headed out of town from Bakers Junction along Chester Pass Road to Settlement Road and then Albany Highway.

There were a few confusing moments when we were working out for the international activity and the name on the letterbox. A short run up Albany Highway had us stopping for a delicious morning tea at Ivan and Sharon Chapman’s place.

 Our organisers and our Hosts for morning tea. Garry, Anne, Sharon and Ivan.
What a fantastic setting for our rest stop. They hold weddings in their garden and have chalets to stay in. Thank you for hosting this stopover. It was here that we met Lonigan and Donigan the two donkeys.

While we were enjoying a cuppa, Gary and Anne handed out the next set of clues. There were quite a lot of questions in this lot. The first question was before we even got out the gate. It was on to Narrikup and the Cricket Club.

Everyone getting set to move on to the next clue.
You needed to be able to count to twenty for this stop, and the clues got harder. The cricket bats around the oval looked great- glad we didn’t have to count them. We then headed south to Millbrook Rd to Chester Pass.

A few shortcut the last section and headed straight to the Mercer Rd Info Bay instead of riding out along Bon Accord and King River Roads. The last clue was at the Info Bay. I couldn’t work out the covert clue.

Prospective new members Tony and Gemma enjoying the day.With all he clues attempted, we were off to the Fire Station where the firies put on lunch for us all.

The girls: Carris, Darlene, Sharon, Trudy, Gemma, Ruth, Anne, Maureen, Raelene & Carol.
They cooked up a treat in their new pizza oven. What a wonderful day for all the Mums who joined in this ride. It was great to see such a great turnout. Garry and Anne gave us all the answers and there were a few groans from those who got it wrong.

There was a raffle for those who joined the ride. The prizes were donated by Garry’s Albany Motorcycles.

The Firies with President Kim Andrew, Heather, Kim, Ben, Carris & Shane.
Shane from the Fire Brigade thanked our club for the support we give them from proceeds of the Hill Climb. The money was put to good use at the station. What a fantastic day. Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to Gary and Anne.

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