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June 2021 Club News

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Airhead Ride May 8-9

by Guy Davies - photos by John Mc and Guy.

Early in the year I asked Bruce his thoughts for what pub most suited an overnighter stay, accommodation, location being the main requirements, he reckoned Nannup... sounded good to me.
Guy with a few Airheads at Nannup .

I have been an Albany VCMC Perth fringe-dwelling member for about ten years, I touch base occasionally, my most memorable club event was being part of the 2016 South Australia trip.

Bob with the array of bikes.
What I have noticed within the club is a good selection of older BMW’s (I like that). Over ten years ago, after about twenty-five years of riding Japanese bikes, I wanted to see what the fuss was about Airheads. I joined the BMWMCCWA, and took it from there.

 Ronnie & Bob checking out the local wines.It’s now been twenty-five years since the last air-cooled BM rolled off the production line in 1996, so I figured let’s see what sort of Airhead turnout we can manage. An easy pub overnighter sounded perfect.

I did a fair amount of putting the word out for several months prior, hoping to reach all Airhead owners out there lurking amongst us.

 Kenny at Nannup.

From Perth about eighteen bikes, “five Airheads” from the BM club headed south passing through some spectacular back road countryside, arriving in Nannup about five.

 Bob’s BMW rig.
The Albany VCMC members put on a very good showing. Bruce of course was there with his R90S, Ronnie with his cleverly put together off-roader, John with his ol’ faithful R75/5, Huw with his show condition R100 with sidecar, Bob’s ingenious R100 outfit, as well other bikes that I now cannot put names to.

 Bruce at Nannup.

I guess my personal favourite... was Andrew Haydock’s ol’ classic looking blue R90, rather interesting listening to him regarding his bikes creation.

Also great to see Clive and Toni made a special effort to attend. It was a great two days. Perfect weather. I was hoping to see a larger turnout of unknown individuals. All up we had about twenty Airheads showing, though it was pointed out that it was the Mothers’ Day weekend, which would have grounded a few.

Guy admiring the lineup on Sunday morning.
So I will give it another go next year... though not on Mothers’ Day.

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