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June 2021 Club News

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Frenchman Bay Breakfast April 11

Photos and story by Antoinet

On Saturday evening I told Ronnie we had to get up early the next day because I love the club's breakfast rides and we were definitely going to go to Frenchman Bay. The rain and some wind from the cyclone up north was heading our way, but it would get to Albany around 11 am so perfect to ride our bikes out to the barbeque area, have brekkie, catch up with club members, enjoy the beautiful scenery and be back home in time before the rain would start.

Ronnie and Antoinet's bikes and breakfast at Frenchman Bay.I got up early and got bacon, eggs, coffee, plates and cups ready.

I was very excited to go on our little trip.

Ronnie wasn't quite ready to get up yet but after he had his two coffees we headed out to the shed.

Our bikes are never ready to go so I have to ride whatever bike has got a battery.

This time it was my BMW Paris Dakar, I hadn't ridden it for a while but it was great to be back on it.

I had ridden the bike 25,000 km around Australia in 2017, what an adventure that was!

We had to stop at the Little Grove store to get petrol as Ronnie always empties the motorbike tanks to get fuel to fill up the lawnmower.

I told Ronnie we had to hurry up as we were running late.

Ronnie wondering where the other people are.
Just after 8 o'clock we got to the BBQ area at Frenchman bay, we were the first ones there, we got our breakfast ready to cook but at 8.20 am it was still just us. I rang Andrew to hear if he was still coming.

 Maureen, Bob and Ronnie, on his 4th cup.
He answered and said he was nearly ready to head out. By the time the others arrived we had finished our breakfast and were on our fourth coffee of the day. Chester asked if we had had our breakfast already and we said yes, we were here at 8 am! Chester answered: it said 8.30 start in the magazine you know... ha ha ha, and here we are complaining when people don't read the magazine!

 Ian, Ron, Andrew, Chester and Trudy.
Anyway, it was a great little gathering, nine people, six bikes, two dogs and one car. We chatted about lots of things and it was very relaxed, I think we could squeeze a few more breakfast rides into the calendar.

About half an hour after we got home it started raining and it didn't stop. Thanks to Ron Allen for doing backup.

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