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April 2021 Club News

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Bremer Ride for Two

Story and pics by Kim Thompson

Two leavers for Bremer Bay.The day before the Bremer Bay ride I sent out a text to members to see how many would be going for the Sunday lunch ride. Thank you for getting back to me!

The only yes I received was from Steve Collins who has just retired. Congrats Steve. Iím jealous.

Sunday morning saw Steve, Garry Taylor, Andrew and myself at the info bay. But only Steve and I left for Bremer. Because of the detour and road closures we travelled 205 km to get there.

Two on the telegraph veranda.Coffee for Steve and a steak sandwich for me, I'm not usually that hungry. We sat outside the telegraph cafe. After lunch we went for a ride around town, fueled up the bikes and headed to the Brewery for a coldy before riding back home via Chester Pass Rd.

Original urinals at the Bremer brewery.The brewery have named a beer after me called Sneaky Seagull - a very good beer. Great ride enjoyed by Steve and me. We may have to change this to a overnighter next year.

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