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April 2021 Club News

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Cosy Corner Breakfast Ride

Story and photos by Antoinet

Ronnie, Rob#147 and Garry looking on while Daniel does his thing with his bike.
A beautiful start of the day: nice temperature, sunny and calm. It was 7.55 am and only five people were at the info bay when we pulled up. A few more came but not the turnout I was expecting for a breakfast ride. Maybe it was because it was Valentine's Day? 😂

Andrew and Rob#147 with the mob nearby.
The ride to Cosy Corner took us along Marine Drive and onto Lower Denmark Road. Ray, Judy, Andrew and Geoff were already at Cosy Corner when we arrived.

 Breakfast looks good & smells great. Colin, Leanne, Judy, Raelene, Garry, Ronnie & Kim.
Soon there was the smell and sound of bacon sizzling on the barbeque. Delicious. The breakfast runs are always a great way to catch up with club members, enjoy the outdoors and you still have the rest of the day to get other things done.

We had a quick catch up with Bob Rees when he rocked up on his sidecar. Great to see him out on a ride. Thanks to Colin and Leanne for doing back-up.

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