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April 2021 Club News

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Maranup Ford Ride

There and back again (mostly) on dirt. Pics by Andreas P and John Mc

Andreas on Watershed Road.We began by heading over to Denmark on the main road, but turned into the forest along Watershed Road.

Bees in the log on Bevan Road.
After heading west on Bevan Road, we stopped to do some photos at a log crossing, but got a shock when a gathering of bees told us to buzz off.

Enjoying a water crossing. There's an enjoyable water crossing further along Bevan Road, along with a few sandy patches and some skittery gravel.

Approaching Bridgetown.
It's always a pleasure to approach Bridgetown's gentle hills on the smooth orange clay backroads.

Brendon's new Tenere.Finally arriving at the rally site, it was great to see Brendon and his new Tenere 700 in the leafy campsite.

Huw's new sidecar.Huw had his "new" sidecar too. It looked brand-new, despite being base on a 1970's BMW R100S.

At Frankland on the return journey.We met up with Ronnie and some other dirt-riding guys on the return journey, and had a nice coffee break at the Frankland Cafe.

Exiting Creek Road.Ronnie, Brett, Andreas and I rode through the entertaining Creek Road on the way back to Albany.

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