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October 2020 Club News

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Busy Bee at Bob's

by Antoinet photos by Antoinet and Chester

Before the work started- Peter, Bob, Alex, Raelene and Garry.
What a great turnout at Bob's place today. Club members, cars, trailers, wheelbarrows and shovels were there from 9 am to get some work done.

The men looking on as Antoinet wheels the barrow.
A nice deck will be built so Bob can enjoy time outside once the weather gets warmer. It will be easy for him to get to and from the living room.

There were a lot of bricks that had to come out first though and Chris' nephew was happy to take them so they stay in the family.

Unloading at Chesterís - 8 trailers in total.
Trailer-loads of bricks and sand were trailered away by all the hard workers. There was coffee and cakes for smoko and a sausages and beers for lunch.

The weather was great, just a few light showers in the morning but later lovely and sunny. Great work everyone, you have all worked so hard.

Morning tea for the workers.
I think everyone was so happy to help Bob out and to give something back. We hope to enjoy a coffee or a beer when it has finished Bob!

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