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October 2020 Club News

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Before and After

About Bob W's 1913 Sears V-twin Dreadnought by Trudy

The before shot.It has a 9hp 1157cc motor with a single speed transmission, pedal start and hand clutch.

To brake you pedal backwards.

Bob imported the bike from the USA. It was in a bike catalogue from Sears, Roebuck and Co in Chicago.

You could only order from the catalogue by paying a 25% deposit.

The rest was paid on delivery. If you did not like it you could send it back. In 1913, the bike cost US$205.

Stating the (hopefully) obvious: the before shot on the left and the after shot below.

If you have restored a bike please send us a photo of before and after and include a picture of yourself.

A bit of detail about the bike would be great too. Please send to me at

Photos should not be reduced in size or quality. I look forward to seeing the results of a lot of hard work.

Bob with the finished product. Wow!

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