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October 2020 Club News

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Life Membership for John McKinnon

by Bob Rees

John has been a member of our club since it began. He joined on the 30th May 1999. He has been involved with many aspects of its running throughout the years. It was John who had the original idea for a website for the Club at the very beginning.

He researched it, organised it and has maintained it for the whole time it has been up and running. When he first started it up, our website was one of the few Western Australian clubs to have a one. It has been hugely popular over the years and continues to be so.

Thousands have clicked on and learned what we do. It has also been a great source of publicity for the Hill Climb. On top of this, John has basically been the Club photographer, taking top quality photos of any ride or event that John was on. And there have been a lot.

He has also contributed many articles to the Club Magazine as well as the website. For a number of years we had Trials Events on Johnís block. This was a fabulous day. John would spend days preparing the course. The day would also include a BBQ. 

Kim Thompson presenting John McKinnon with his award.
Since John has been an active member of the Club from the beginning it is only appropriate that he be awarded Life Membership for the amount of work he has done for the Club over the years. Our Club Life Members are: Bob Rees, Ron Allen, Neil Bromilow, Robin Bromilow, Chris Rees (dec), Phil Penny (dec) and now John McKinnon.

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