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June 2020 Club News

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A two-day trail story

from Loose Bruce

Bruce, Kylie and their BMW and Triumph bikes.We headed off to Bunbury late on Friday with Kylie and the bikes on trailer, only to find camping spots at a premium. Clive and Toni with Stuart and Rachel had a little spot just for us. Huw was already there and Phil arrived on his nice green BMW on Saturday morning.

A few beers and an early night. Up at 7am to get ready and check out all the old bikes. 190 odd entrants this year, so there was lots to see and catch ups with friends made previously. Lovely day forecast as we headed off, me on the R90S and Kylie on the T140 Bonnie.

It was then through to Capel for morning tea and more scones with jam and cream than I could eat. Next stop was a quick repair to Kylieís Bonnie with Muzza coming to the rescue with spare part. It was then off to dinner and cook your own BBQ with yum salads.

Lots of chatting as band played, then back to camp. Next day was up the Ferguson Hills and back to Dardanup for more scones and cream. Both the short and long course stopped here, so lots to see again, then a loop around through Bunbury back to BMX track and the end of the event - - - and the last 4 scones and cream. I ate 3 of them.

Kylie crook as, so we headed home early. Sharon then tells me we were the Classic class winners, but I wasnít going back. Maybe I will be immortalized on a trophy that I didnít even see. Also got a tank liner kit, that I think Muzz is pouring into his tank as I write.

All in all a great weekend and a shame that only one Albany-based member turned up. Told Phil that we are going to take over. Lol. Cowaramup for lunch of a snag in a roll, before we headed back through Busso then Bunbury to finish a great day.

Cheers Loose Bruce.

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