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June 2020 Club News

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A message from Bob Greer from Platypus

Im delighted to send out our inaugural update on the Chris Rees Memorial Fund. It has taken longer than it ought to have but there have been a few detours about recently.

Pha and the chateau.
The idea is not to burden you with heaps of paper, nor is it to scrounge at every opportunity. We just want to update you on the progress, trials and tribulations and successes of Sung Thi Pha, the young Hmong who is now studying veterinary science at university as our first Chris Rees Scholar.

He is on a most unlikely path and faces many challenges but he has done very well in his first semester. The Hmong do it tough in Vietnam and it will be a proud day for many when he graduates in four years; he will  be a welcome role model.

His knowledge will also come in very handy as the Hmong need a helping hand. In the photo you see him by Chateau Pha, accommodation afforded him by the university in exchange for two days gardening a week. He recently moved into university accommodation possibly a sign of heightened commitment to study.

Pha's brother.
The bloke in the wheelchair is his older brother who had spent some six years in a dark backroom of the family home. He was practically translucent when I met him a few years ago; thanks to a lovely Perth couple he is now a sort of rock n roll star around the commune.

He has a ghetto-blaster and evidently lacks for nothing. Pha will undoubtedly look after him for the rest of his life.

We will  send out a brief update with each semester report as it comes in.
Bob Greer
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