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June 2020 Club News

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May Rides

By Dave Wallace (13th May) and Garry Blake (24th May)

Wednesday 13th Ride

Bikes lined up near Scotsdale Road.
The Wednesday ride on the 13th was hosted by Geoff Osbourne. I attended the ride and found it very enjoyable. We rode to the end if Scotsdale Road, where we were greeted by afternoon tea with hot drinks and sticky buns.

Members gathering for afternoon tea.
Geoff also provided seats thoughtfully arranged in a "socially distanced" circle as well as hand sanitiser, making the day both fun and easy to follow the current restrictions due to Covid19.

I would like to thank Geoff for all his efforts on the day! Thank you, David Wallace.

Sunday 24th Ride

At the Info Bay.
There had not been much happening in the way of club rides on weekends so the Porongurup ride on Sunday was looking promising. That was until the weather forecast arrived. So not expecting many to turn up, I went out to the info bay and there were a few starters: Kim, Brendon, Ian, John and Tony with Paul on backup duty.

Some discussion was held about going to Kendenup instead but the decision was made to keep to the original advertised plan and after deciding what the weather was doing, we headed off via Lower King Road, Hunton Road, Wheeldon Road and South Coast Highway for a coffee stop at Bakers.

Rest stop at Bakerís Junction.
Ian was first there and the rest of us turned up minus John on his Katana and while we were discussing where he was or if he had gone home he went flying past. He saw us out of the corner of his eye and managed a U turn to come back and join us.

Glen Oliver turned up for a chat, minus bike though, and then Petra and Ron turned up in their car as well. Meanwhile it was getting a lot colder so some of us decided to head back to town while Kim and Brendon carried on towards the Porongurups, but only got as far as Settlement Road before turning back.

I got home and parked the bike in the garage just as the rain started, so all was well for a short ride with the usual catch-up and chit-chat.

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