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February 2022 Club News

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Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride

by Antoinet

What a display of bikes! Fantastic to see so many on the ride.There was a huge turnout at our meeting point. Lots of members from the other club joined us for the Bring Your Oldest Bike ride.
Paul's classic Rocket Gold Star.
Lloyd and his Atlas.
Billie's Ducati 750 Sport.

Bob and 1929 Norton.It's always a popular ride and lots of interesting bikes to admire.

We took Menang Drive to Link Road and then we rode along the South Coast Highway to Young's Siding where we stopped for morning tea.

Geoff and Glen Osborne met us there and Colin and Leanne too. The Dowsetts were in their Honda car and not on the Honda motorbike, although Colin was wearing motorbike boots.

The Honda bike had some problems and Colin wasn't keen to go for a ride, so they hopped in the car to meet us all for morning tea which was nice. Forty five bikes had made it to our morning tea stop, what a great turnout!

Glen Oliver rode his 1926 Indian and Bob Whittingstall his 1929 Norton. In a few years time those bikes will be 100 years old! Isn't that amazing!

Don and his Heinkel scooter. Don had ridden his Heinkel, an awesome looking motor scooter.

Looking at it just makes you smile.

Don was going to get some fuel and lifted up the seat of the motor scooter.

The fuel tank and oil tank are located there.

He realised the oil cap was missing!

Ronnie had a rag for his Harley's oil leaks and gave that to Don to use for the time being.

A lot of people went home for lunch but quite a few members made it to the park at Emu Point.

If everyone had been at one place we would have had very close to fifty bikes on the ride! It is always lovely sitting there under the trees eating lunch, drinking coffee and chatting to other club members.

Paul and assistant starters and advisers.
We were about to get ready to go home when we saw Paul Dixon had problems starting his Yamaha. Kim and I tried to push-start the bike but no luck. Then Glen Osborne and Ronnie had a few goes. At one go Paul hadn't turned the ignition switch on, oh dear....

The bike was flooded but after checking a few things they got it going and off Paul went. Warwick had been waiting patiently in the back-up car but the trailer wasn't needed. Awesome day, nice weather and great company. We hope to get to go on a few more rides this year.

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