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February 2022 Club News

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Lights Beach Ride

by Antoinet

We haven't been on many rides in the last few years, but we were keen to have a look at Lights Beach. We heard the car park had been done up so we were curious what it looked like now.

BMW, Ariel and Harley parked at Lights Beach.
Ronnie finally got his 1976 Harley Davidson on the road again after it had been sitting in the shed for many years. So he was keen to take it for a good test ride. Ronnie bought the bike (a wreck of an old police bike from Iran) when he was 18 and all his monthly wages went into the bike.

He restored it beautifully and rode it all over Europe. When Ronnie moved to Australia in 1998 the bike was shipped over to Sydney and many kilometers were ridden all over Sydney. We even rode it two up from Wollongong, where we used to live, to Melbourne and rode around Tasmania for 10 days.

In 2004 we moved from Wollongong to Albany and the Harley came along. It was our only bike for a few years when we became members of the Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club and we would go two up on many rides and weeks away until I got my licence in 2009.

So back to the ride- there was a good turnout at our meeting point on Mercer Road.

Morning tea at Young's Siding.
We had our morning tea stop at Young's Siding and caught up with members we hadn't seen for a while. Then we headed off to Lights Beach and were impressed with all the work that has been done there. New toilets, nice sitting areas and a great carpark.

Antoinet and the gang.
We admired the view, took some photos, chatted and Ronnie and I ate our lunch there as we were heading back home afterwards. The other riders went to Mt Shadforth to have their lunch. Lovely day for a ride!

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