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February 2022 Club News

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 Garry's Hospice Ride

by Chester Powell - photos by Chester and John Mc

Kim and the crowd.
Close to thirty people rocked up at our regular meeting spot to support our annual fundraiser ride for the Hospice. After an address by President Kim, we set off via Millbrook Rd and across to Albany Highway.

Bob and Ray in the sidecar.
It was then back to Link Road and across to George Street and Elleker for morning tea. After a short break we made our way through Robinson to Garry’s for lunch in Little Grove. Thanks to Phil O’Halloran for going back-up.

Kim and Garry in action.
Garry and Carol had lunch ready to go. We could smell the onions cooking as we rode up. A scrumptious feast of sausages and burgers was enjoyed by all. It was followed by cakes and ice cream. Yum!

Garry the auctioneer.
It was then time for fun and games starting with an auction of some pretty cool items. Thanks to everyone who donated items to sell and for those who were eager to spend their money.

Ron about to go for a coin toss.
The coin toss attracted a lot of interest as usual. This year we had two bottles of wine as prizes, once again donated by the Little Grove Store.

Chester and Colin winning.The closest to the bottles at the completion of fifteen minutes of tossing coins, and of course when everyone’s pockets were empty, saw an anonymous tosser take the big bottle of red.

The winning coin was upside down.

And guess what? It was my coin that won.

Colin Dowsett took the second prize.

We were all pleased with the results.

$120 was raised with this bit of fun.

President Kim then thanked Garry and Carol for their hospitality and all the donors.

These included:
Garry Taylor
Garry Dibble
Little Grove Store
The Elleker Store
Bob Boyes
Chester Powell.

Thank-yous were said to all the supporters of this event.

Close to $1800 was raised.

Thanks Garry for a great day.

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