AVCMC Hillclimb November 2021

Photos copyright John McKinnon made on Sony A7III with 35 and 55 lenses.  Want bigger? View these images in 2000 pixel quality.

The band.

Bob singing his songs.

Inspecting the Egli Vincent.

Appreciating the Moto Guzzi.

Crowds and old bikes.

More old bikes and some not so old.

A special outfit for a special bike.

Some racing machines outside the White Star.

A very old Indian heads off.

Next day the entrants are lining up to start the hillclimb.

The old Indian is one of a number in the hillclimb.

Event co-ordinator Bob talks to sidecar pilot Bob and co-pilot/gear changer Kaye.

Ready to go, in gear and on the line.

Some fine-tuning of the bikes is inevitable during the event.

A fine-looking Norton Commando.

Rod cadges a push from a passer-by for his 1927 BSA-JAP hillclimb special.

Tanya on her carefully restored 1941 Indian.

The battle of the exhausts: Megaphone versus Fishtail.

Enjoying his flat-tank Norton.

Don and his customised BMW.

Triumph road bike and Norton race bike side-by-side.

Garry still in touring mode with his panniers on.

Colourful MV next to the black Norton.

A colourful character nick-named the Toad with his intrepid co-pilot.

The Triumph Trident powered by triple-tuned pipes.

Paul snaking off the line on his Z1A Kawaski.

Muzza and Macca on their idiosyncratic Triumph sidecar.

The winners.

The winners.

The winners.