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December 2021 Club News

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 2021 Hillclimb Weekend

by Antoinet. Photos by John and Andrew
More hillclimb pics

Saturday 6th November: Street Display and Poker Raffle

Bikes and people all over Stirling Terrace.
Another successful Hillclimb weekend has finished and what an awesome weekend it was! Well done everyone who helped out to make it a huge success.

 The crowds checking out the bikes on Stirling Terrace.
We have heard some great feedback from people, especially from people from other clubs who continue to support this wonderful event.

We were struggling to find helpers in the weeks beforehand which is a real shame as it puts a lot of pressure on the people who promise to be there and help.

 Testing the bike.
In the end it all worked out of course as it always does (we even had members from other clubs helping at the road closures in the end) but it would be so nice to know we have enough helpers before the Hillclimb weekend starts.

Our club has over 200 members and I know they don't all live in Albany, but I am sure the ones who do live here and are not away could just spare an hour or two in the future.

The weather was great both days. Mostly overcast and a bit cool in the mornings but calm and no rain.

 Bob & his band keeping us all entertained.
Stirling Terrace was buzzing with people and it was a very happy and relaxed atmosphere. Lots of catching up with people I hadn't seen for ages and it was great to hear Bob and his band playing.

I think their music really suited the Saturday morning. Andrew and I headed out to the Elleker checkpoint and things ran smoothly there.

After we finished there, we took off to the rifle club for afternoon tea. The draw for the Poker Raffle was done that afternoon and Ian rang the winners, all of them stoked with their prize money.

Sunday 7th November: The Hillclimb

Awaiting their turn to ride up the hill in an early run.
Another early start Sunday morning when I drove behind Colin to Middleton Beach. I towed the trailer with two big empty plastic containers. We were using them to hold the scaffolding in place after the fire brigade had filled them with water, it worked a treat.

 No. 18 Lachlan Matthew on his 1926 Indian Scout and No. 13 Mark Matthew on his 1979 Harley Sportster at the start line.
Everything was set up quickly thanks to the many hands available. Delicious bacon and egg burgers were cooked in the car park so that would keep us going for a while.
Bruce, Bob & Kaye all set to move off from the start line.
Doing some last-minute fine tuning.
Muzza & Macca flying by on a 1950 Triumph Bonneville sidecar.

Things were running smoothly from the start and everyone had a good time. We decided to keep going through lunch time and finished the day in record time.

  Some of the mob having a well-earned rest. Great work everyone.
Packing up was quickly done too and winners were announced. Afterwards we had a beer to celebrate another great Hillclimb weekend. Well done everyone.

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