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December 2021 Club News

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 Coalmine Beach Ride

by President Kim

 Luke doing some repairs to an oil leak whiles others looked on.What a surprise when I arrived at our ride meeting place. I counted around 20 plus bikes and riders of course. So why so many on this day? Then I looked up and we had glorious sunshine for a change.

Undoing a tricky faceshield latch.
After a bit of a chat, we headed off to Denmark via the upper road and stopped for a coffee at the gazebo right of the bridge. After a short stop we continued onto our next meeting point at Bow Bridge.

Getting ready for lunch at Coalmine Beach.
We turned right on Valley of the Giants Road, right again along Hazelvale Road then back through Walpole and onto Coalmine Beach for lunch.

Lunching and chatting at the BBQ place.
It was interesting to see a lot of people bring their own lunch from home, others buy it from the nearest shop on the way out and others use the BBQ facilities, which I must say are absolutely brilliant and of course working.

Bikes lined up ready to go.
Once lunch and the chit chat (some bullshit) was over everyone headed off back home at their own pace. Thank you all for a good day.

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