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October 2021 Club News

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Northern Circuit Ride

by Malcolm Dunn (our correspondent from Geraldton)

We had been talking about the ride for a couple of years, so decided to go to Horrocks for a coffee and sort it. Saturday 15th May 2021 we headed out the long way to Horrocks via Yuna.

There were five bikes – Graeme, Brian, Colin, Pete and myself. Sadly Brian crashed and never made it back to town in the ambulance. After dealing with Police and major crash who very compassionate and thorough gentlemen - who would want their job? – it was decided we would still go ahead with the northern ride.

 All set to go wearing shirts designed for the Tukai Ride. Some of our Geraldton members.
In Brian’s honour, the ride was called The Tukai Run (Tukai being Brian’s family nickname). My son Shannan, Graeme’s son Josh, and Brian’s lifelong mate George decided to join us.

Another mate, Gordon offered to drive the backup vehicle towing a trailer loaded with spare fuel, swags, etc.

Day 1 – 31st August 2021 we left Geraldton and headed apprehensively to Carnarvon, as apart from Pete, the rest of us had never ridden so far on one day. All good. We had light showers for most of this leg.

Plenty of banter about Triumphs and Harleys as to what was the most comfortable and would make the distance without falling apart.

Day 2 – 1st September – Off to Nanutarra. Shorter trip. Bums getting used to the seats. Very busy when we arrived and a long line up for fuel.

Graeme’s flash looking breakfast.Day 3 – 2nd September – Graeme cooked breakfast and was immediately voted breakfast cook for the trip. We were originally booked in to Karijini but we decided to book into Tom Price caravan park instead. Good choice Graeme.

 The big trucks at Tom Price L-R Colin, Josh, Graeme, Pete, Shannan and George.
Day 4 – 3rd September – back to Karijini and down the steps to Dales Pool. Water very cold – only Graeme, Josh and Shannan took the plunge!
Taking a dip at Karijini.
On the way out of Karijini we were met by a dingo which followed us up the road on the bikes like a pet dog.

Day 5 – 4th September - Off to Newman and down to Kumarina where we camped under the stars behind the roadhouse (instead of paying for expensive accommodation) and we were able to have a fire.

Day 6 – 5th September – Headed to Mt Magnet. George was heading straight through to Perth, so we decided to camp south of Mt Magnet not far from a truck bay. Colin – even though we had barred him from cooking – pulled rank and cooked us a delicious dinner – Best meal for the entire trip. (He owns a restaurant in Gero). Lesson – don’t camp too close to truck bays! Road train loaded with cows pulled up for a rest break – cows mooed and stamped around the truck all night! Oh well, that’s life!

Day 7 – 6th September – Back to Gero. Uneventful. Josh had to be back for his wife’s birthday or might not get a leave pass next time! Great ride Mal.

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