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October 2021 Club News

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The Anvil Beach Ride

by Bob Boyes

It was a nondescript type of Albany day when thirteen of the usual suspects gathered for the Anvil Beach ride. It wasnít sunny but almost was, not wet but could be, and the wind, like the riders, hadnít quite decided what direction it was headed.

Lez checking out the paintwork on Bobís bike.
Debating the route to Anvil Beach..
After a quite lively debate the consensus was that we head east down Mercer Road then around the mountain, drop down onto Princess Royal Drive via Bolt Terrace, then Lower Denmark Road to a regroup at Youngs Siding before tackling the bendy bits out along the peninsula to Anvil Beach.

Ian and Ron admiring Geoffís Harley .
At Youngs we were joined by Geoff Osbourne on his very tidy white ex-army Harley sidecar outfit which brought the numbers back to thirteen again, as Ron Allen who was at the start didnít arrive, possibly because he stopped at Elleker instead.

After a suitable time spent resolving a range of global problems and a few comparatively simple motorcycle mechanical issues we were off to our destination.

This part of the ride was as benign as the previous bit. Nothing out of the ordinary happened which is probably a good thing, but it doesnít help to liven up a ride report.

After reaching the parking area at the end of the road most riders took the opportunity to walk up to the lookout to have their hair style rearranged by the wind and empty their bladders on the way.

Then it was back on the bikes for the return journey. This turned out to be equally uneventful. I could make something up to stimulate your interest but Iím sure the editor would pick it up and either ban me from doing future ride reports or make me do more as punishment. Iím not prepared to take the risk.

In conclusion I would like to thank Les Bains for towing the back-up trailer which fortunately was not needed. Les travelled from Denmark to the start point, followed us to Anvil Beach and back then had to return to Denmark. Thatís a big effort Les, and very much appreciated by all.

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