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August 2021 Club News

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May Weekend at Camp Davis - John and Kerry Davis's block

by Carol Thomas

Robert, Isuzu and Himalayan take in the Stirlings view.
Not even the predicted rain, cold snap and snow could stop seventeen people attending this annual camp in the Stirling Range, four of them being hardy (or foolhardy!) bods on their bikes toting their tents.

John checking out Andreas's rare HP2 BMW.
Some even turned up on Friday and left on Monday (and it did snow then). What lured everyone? Was it the superb setting with the Stirling Range as the backdrop?

Kerry, Carol and Trudy- relaxing before dinner.
Or the wonderful (and thank you very much) hospitality of John and Kerry Davis, who organized or supplied useful stuff like toilets, the shed shelter, the BBQ, the cooked breakfast, the singalong music, the especially built shower or the Big Fire?

Wes hard at work with the roast.
Was it Wes Thomasís Renowned Roast, cooked slowly and superbly on his own portable unit? Was it the Jim Sharp drumsticks (soft serve) and cake for sweets? Or his two extra fire pits and lovely jarrah to burn?

Everyone hopping in and helping with fitting everything back into Johnís trailer.
His truck was like a Tardis as he unloaded one thing after another. Was it the prospect of Kylieís birthday and the Cake, especially baked and decorated in Gnowangerup? It was delicious!

Singing Happy Birthday to Kylie via video link- Sorry you couldnít join us Kylie.
Sorry Kylie, we thought of you through every crumb. Bruce and Kylie ALMOST got to leave. A flat battery, a headlight glass and a cut hand requiring surgery stopped them. And thatís a story for Bruce and Kylie to tell.

Steve, Garry & Carol enjoying a tipple before tea.
Was it the company, the chance to relax, talk bike talk, share stories and memories, and sort out the universe over the food and drinks? Probably all of the above, and lots of experience for keeping warm by keeping the fires going, the beanies, gloves and coats on and the urn going. Thereís something about camping isnít there! 

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