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August 2021 Club News

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Lake Nunijup Ride 13th June

by Chester Powell

 The riders are gathering to set off for Nunijup.
There were eleven of us on two wheels, one on three (two-up - good on you, Chris), and one in four. Great to see you joining us, Warwick.

It was nice weather for riding- a tad cool and cloudy with little wind. The road along the Porongorups was wet in a few places where there had been a bit of a spit.

The benches at the Mt Barker Bakery were wet too - from a light shower just before we got there. As most of us had our wet-weather gear on it wasnít a real problem.

The paddocks on the Mortagallup Road were under water in places. The poor old crops showed signs of wet feet. The crops that went in early really looked good.

 Andrew, Brendon, Ian and Athol by the lake - lots of water.
Lake Nunijup was chockers and I reckon it will be back in use by the water skiers again come summer. I donít think there has been enough water for several years.

 Ian, the Fiander Family (Morgan, Nigel and Owain), Steve, Athol, Warwick, Chris, Keith, Barry, Mike, Brendon and Andrew enjoying a bit of lunch at Lake Nunijup.
A pleasant day all round - good weather- good company.

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