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August 2021 Club News

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Mount Barker Hill Ride July 4th 2021

by President Kim

Riders gathering at Mercer Road.
Around twelve bikes turned up at the info bay, and Colin Veale doing backup. It was a bit chilly and the forecast was for rain and wind later in the day.

Before heading off along Millbrook Road to Narrikup for a cuppa a few riders decided not to go all the way to Barker. They didn't want to get wet. And a couple had to do some house chores (really?).

Morning tea stop at Narrikup.
We got to Narrikup for a short stop. Steve turned up on his favourite red and white thing. Better late than never. And then headed down Spencer Road, Denbarker Road and then into Barker.

Andrew, Steve, Athol ,Phil, Colin and Keith by the tower on Barker Hill.The bakery was a good stop to get something hot for lunch and then up to the Mt Barker Hill.

Shit it was cold.

There was seven of us left by this time.

After lunch we decided to head straight back down Albany Highway instead of going via Porongorup Road home.

We didn't want to get wet!

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