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February 2021 Club News

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Two Peoples Bay - Breakfast Ride

by Antoinet

Always a popular ride: the annual Two Peoples Bay breakfast ride. It is great at this time of the year too. Nice and cool in the morning, a lovely ride, breakfast while chatting to other club members and then still the rest of the day free to do other things.

Naughty-naughty: here’s the evidence.
A good turnout at our meeting point before we set off to our destination. Most of us parked their bikes in the right spot by the bay, but a few (five club members!) parked in the disabled parking bay.

They would have been in trouble big time if Bob had been there! Bacon, eggs, tomatoes, sausages and loads of other breakfast treats were cooked. It was great sitting there in such a beautiful spot eating and talking to other club members.

What a view. Two Peoples Bay. Great bike too!
Thanks to Ray and Judy for doing backup.

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