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February 2021 Club News

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BBQ and Social Sip at Dowsetts

by Trudy

A few members gathered at Colin and Leanne’s for a pleasant evening to celebrate the success of the Hill Climb and welcome the New Year.

Gee what an amazing patio you have Colin & Leanne. Kim, Garry, Carol, Ronnie, John D., Kerry, Steve, Trudy and Warwick admiring the scene.
It was interesting to note that the first six cars to arrive were all white. It seems to be the popular colour at the moment.

Rob#147, Warwick, Andrew, Ronnie and Garry examining the fine points of the Porsche.
Then Rob#147 arrived in his black Porsche. It sure drew a fair bit of attention. Many of the crew headed outside to admire the features of the Dowsett patio.

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