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December 2020 Club News

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Before and After - Geoff Osbourne's 1942 Harley WLA

It was the year 1968 and I was 21 and had just bought my new VC Valiant ute. I was about to meet my beautiful wife-to-be and trade my old Norton Domi in on a new CB250.

I spotted this old heap of crap in my friendly mechanic's shed. The motor had been taken out about 10 years beforehand for repairs that didnt happen.

The WLA on the back of the ute.
You can have it for $20 he said. Ok I replied and it was on the back of the ute and into the shed at home. The enthusiasm soon waned after pulling it further apart and creating a even larger heap of crap.

Fast forwarding 17 years to 1985. Im now married with 2 children and living in Yanchep WA after moves from Sydney to Tamworth to Yanchep. I wondered what to do with the heap still in the shed in Sydney which had to be moved?

So I hired a one-way trailer, chucked it in, and towed it across the Nullabor. Once again full of enthusiasm and assisted by my skilled mechanic mate, Peter Watson, the 42 Walla was soon restored and on full licence.

The WLA on a recent ride to Lights Beach.
We soon discovered the VMCCWA and the rest is history: 34 years and 16000 miles of club runs, camaraderie and many good friends. Its amazing how a $20 purchase 52 years ago is still having a lasting influence on our circle of great friends and events.

The Walla is showing its age now and needs a top overhaul just like its owner.

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