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February 2020 Club News

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Garry's BMW comes to the rescue

By Antoinet

One of my favourite rides of the year: the Cosy Corner BBQ ride. I told Ronnie we had to go. Panniers were packed with thermos, coffee, slice, snags, buns and salad.

He had parked the Guzzi and my BMW in front of the shed, ready to go. Jackets on, helmets on... BMW starts straight away but the Guzzi does nothing. The battery is absolutely gone.
Ronnie fixing the problem thanks to Garry’s bike.

Just steal a battery from here.“We are leaving from Mercer Rd at 2.30 pm: I say to Ronnie.

“That’s only 10 minutes from now! There is not enough fuel in the bikes, why can't the bikes ever be just ready to go like other people have their bikes ready. And you are a mechanic! Haven't you got another bike in this shed you can take? “

“No, they haven't got batteries.” says Ronnie.
“What about the postie?” I say.
“Not licenced.”
I take off my jacket and helmet - we are taking the car.

“Stay positive.” he says. “Garry T's bike is here, I am sure he doesn't mind me using his battery for today ha ha.”

Just a little topup of the battery.After fuelling up we get to Mercer Rd in time. Everyone is still there and they are ready to leave.
Lovely ride, nice catch up and a great BBQ.

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