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February 2020 Club News

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Oldest Bike Ride

Article by Chester; photos by John Mac

The gathering at Mercer Rd Info Bay.
There were 21 riders including one pillion passenger gathered at Mercer Rd at 10:00am, ready to head off to Young Siding for morning tea.
Gary Dibble’s 1960 C77 Honda Touring Dream –Gary calls it the nightmare –  From the headaches in restoring it. But it rides like a dream.
It was a glorious day although a tad warmer than normal. It got to 31°C.

After an hour or so of fellowship, Garry and Raelene headed off to Denmark while the rest of us headed back along the Lower Denmark Road and then around Marine Drive and on to Emu Point for lunch.
Joe swears that this new-looking Triumph is his oldest bike.
Thanks go to Ron and Petra who did backup. I think they thought they would be in for a busy day especially when we set off from Mercer Rd. 

Lunch time at Emu Point – Daniel and Ian.
Paul Dixon had forgotten to turn his lights off on his Triumph. Fortunately he had a spare pocket sized battery that got him out of trouble. Sounds like this may be a regular problem- are you carrying a spare?
Then we had Chris Prescott having trouble with the kickstart. He managed to con Brendon and Burnie into giving him a push start but with no success. Chris persisted with the kick start and eventually the bike fired up. A very relaxing and enjoyable ride was had by all.

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