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February 2020 Club News

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Not to Jerri Ride

Article by Garry T; pics by Chester

Mike, Ian, John, Garry, Rev.John and Arthur.
Nine riders lined up for the Jerry Ride but there were no takers for the long trip. So off we took to the Bluff Knoll Café. The ride through the Stirlings, travelling along Chester Pass Road was an eye-opener.

Bushfires has taken out both sides of the road to the top of the range. It was stark black.

After an hour of chatting, Chester headed home and the rest of us carried on down the Bremer Bay-Borden Rd. This is one of the greatest bike roads, with sweeping corners, nice and wide with no traffic.

More gossip and a cuppa at Boxwood Hill Roadhouse for homemade pies that are the best.
Some of the crew stopped at Wellstead while the rest went straight back to Albany.

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