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February 2020 Club News

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Hospice Ride

Article by Antoinet; photos by John Mac and Antoinet

Another popular AVCMC event: the Hospice ride. A nice group of riders met at our meeting point, it was good to catch up with them all.
Don, Andrew and Brendon at Info Bay.

Antoinet with her BMW R80 GS and Joe.
Our route for today was: Chester Pass Rd to Menang Drive, Albany Hwy to Link Road, then South Coast Hwy to Marbellup Road and on to Elleker for our morning tea stop. It was great to see Ron Allen waiting for us at the general store.
Ron Allen’s 1968 Voskhod.
He had ridden out on the Voskhod. It was more chatting, a cuppa and a biscuit before taking the Grassmere - Elleker Road. Kim was on the corner waiting for Warwick in the back-up car. The Voskhod had stopped in Elleker so Kim and Warwick headed back to help Ron out.

We kept going, taking all the backroads through Robinson, ending up at the wind farm for another short stop.
Everyone arriving for the BBQ at Garry’s.
It was nearly lunch time so it was time to head to Garry Taylor's place where we were welcomed by Garry T, Raelene and Petra who were busy cooking sausages, steaks and burgers. The gazebos were set up with tables and chairs, what a great way to spend a Sunday. Eating and catching up with friends, the food was delicious.
Lots of talking and reading the magazine in the shade on Garry’s deck.

All eyes on the bottle at the Coin Toss.
Afterwards we played a game of throwing the coins as close as possible to the bottle of wine. Raelene won although some got super-close.

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