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February 2020 Club News

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Cosy Corner Ride and BBQ

By Trudy

A nice mob turned up for the ride this Sunday. Chester and I did backup with Warwick keeping us company.

There were about 20 bikes with a few oldies among them. Ron Allen was there with his 1968 Voskhod and Mark Bennett with his 1969 Suzuki. Sadly Ron was having trouble with his bike and had to call it a day.
Mark Bennett’s 1969 Suzuki 125 CCI Stinger.

Most of the riders headed off on the ride with us following behind. A few did their own thing. It seemed like we had just started when it was time to stop for a cuppa at Redmond Store.

Enjoying the BBQ at Cosy Corner.
A bit of chit-chat later, we were off to Cosy Corner for the BBQ. Phillip, Geoff and Elisa from Denmark had the barbies going when we arrived and as we were the tail-enders we could smell the snags as we drove up.

The Dowsetts travelled on 4 wheels and joined in the show. A nice crowd.

The “Danes” heading home.
All fed and a bit more talk and it was time to head home. A nice easy day. Now I had my last item for the magazine. Hooray!

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